Why Is Arawak Homes Better

As the leading housing developer in The Bahamas, at Arawak Homes we are take pride in delivering quality service to our clients. We are committed to providing quality, affordable homes to all Bahamians, and we go the extra mile to “make it happen”.

Whether it’s helping a client with mortgage pre-qualifications analysis, or working behind the scenes with your Home Owners Association to ensure that all of the necessary considerations are met, we are there. debt consolidation or re-designing a home to fit within budget, we are a “one stop shop”, offering free services designed to save the client thousands of dollars. We treat each construction project with careful analysis and planning, quantifying each element as accurately as possible.

  • Our Experience. Since 1983 we have developed thousands of homes all over New Providence, and with each new job brings the experience, knowledge, and confidence to handle your project.
  • Our people. We have an expert team who provide professional guidance and proven advice to help guide you through each aspect of building your home.
  • We deliver. Arawak Homes has been building quality and affordable homes for over 30 years, and so clients need not worry as to whether or not they will get a home. They also know that their input will be valued each step of the way.
  • We save our clients money. When you purchase your home from Arawak Homes you save on separate fees that you would have paid for architectural, engineering, legal and other fees, not to mention the time dealing with these entities. At Arawak Homes, these services are all included in its “one-stop” shop approach.
  • We offer unlimited upgrades. Whatever upgrades you wish…higher ceilings, special doors and windows, you can choose from our numerous options to create the house that you wish.
  • We stand behind our product. We offer warranties and we have a quality assurance team who sole responsibility is to ensure that any small issues are resolved in a timely manner.