If I own a vacant lot or I am paying on one and have my own plans, would you build my home on that lot?
Yes. Arawak has Architectural and structural engineering services that it offers without any extra charges but if you already have your own plan then we can build it on your lot.

If I have the plan for my home already but do not own a property can you build my plan on your property?
Yes. Arawak will build your plan on one of our lots.

Do you have to be married to get a house?
No. As a matter of fact a person can get a home: alone, along with a significant other, or sibling.

Would you build a Duplex or Town home?
Yes we would build either one on your lot or our own. We can offer both throughout New Providence.

Where does Arawak Homes have property?
Arawak Homes is constantly buying and selling property. We always try to keep in inventory properties in the North, East, West and South parts of New Providence.

Does Arawak Homes get mortgages from one bank in particular or can I choose my bank?
Arawak Homes works with every institution on New Providence that gives money for mortgages. Our Home Consultants are also trained to know the rules and requirements of each institution. Everyone’s case is different and our Home Consultants would see which is best suited for you and advise you of your options.

Do you build split level and two story homes?
Yes. Arawak can build any home you want.

Can I upgrade the home fixtures?
Once the down payment and closing costs are paid, Arawak Homes will let a customer upgrade any fixture in the home.

How much is 5% down payment?
The amount of the 5% will vary according to the home you purchase. Whichever home you do purchase, the down payment will be 5% of that cost.

Do you charge for the use of Architectural, Structural Engineer or Land Surveying services?
No. There are no additional charges for these services.

Do you use concrete blocks?
Yes, we specify the use of concrete blocks on both the inside and outside of our homes unless requested by the customer.

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