We Build on Your Lot Now

Do you own your own lot, or have a considerable amount of equity built up in a lot that you are still paying the bank for, and wish to build a home, or a multi-family structure? Well Arawak Homes can help you.

Arawak Homes offers a one stop operation designed to save you time and money.
Our in-house team of Home Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Attorneys, and Site Supervisors are available to answer questions, and to provide assistance on all aspects of home-ownership. We can build from your architectural plans or help you to design a structure that suits your taste and budget.

  • If you own your lot, we can customize a plan or build from your house plan
  • If you are paying the bank for a lot, we can assist in facilitating the consolidation of the lot and building loans, and build your dream home
  • If you have been promised a lot, our in-house legal team can advise you on how to transfer, and/or obtain proper title

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