Tips on Finance and Investments

Senior Director for Front Office at Harbourside at Atlantis, Chavez Chambers invited Arawak Homes to encourage and educate his team on the importance of budgeting and finance. Employees from Housekeeping and Engineering were open to receiving information that will benefit not only themselves but also their family members as they understand the long-term effects of investments.

Marketing Coordinator, Mrs. Chakita Archer made the presentation to the staff members providing
relevant financial advice outlining banking requirements, the affects of credit cards and loans, pitfalls and benefits to property investments and the importance of setting a realistic budget.

The employees were engaged in the session as they encouraged Mrs. Archer to return. She assured the team that wiith low interest rates in the country at this time, more and more persons are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to own not only a piece of land, but construct a home or townhouse. She further exclaimed that, investments in real estate is the way to go and this is the time to do it. Mrs. Archer encouraged the team at Harbourside at The Atlantis to take the step now because there is no benefit in waiting while interest rates are low and real estate can be negotiated. Some may say that this is a buyers market, she charged them to do the proper research and keep focused.

Arawak Homes is the expert in the business offering financial advice to ensure that persons are well informed as they embark on the path of real estate investment.