The Re-Launch of MatriMoney Bridal Registry

As the country continues to work itself out of the economic downturn that it has experienced, there will be many short and long term implications for us.

One such implication is that fact that many people had to use allot if not all of their savings over the past several months. As a result this group would not have the necessary down payment and closing cost on hand to own their own home. To make matters worse this group will need months and in some cases years to save the amount of money they had before the economic downturn. This point is particularly significant to people who are planning to get married and would wish to own their own home and not pay rent.

It is in this regard that Arawak Homes Ltd. is pleased to announce that it is re-launching its Bridal Registry Program. This program is designed to:

  1. To encourage homeownership
  2. To create a one time opportunity to help people raise the necessary down payment to own their own home.

We commit to utilize the necessary resources to sustain this Program through-out this year, and to do so by multi-dimensional mean, under the theme –
“Love in Homeownership”..

As an additional incentive for people who are planning a wedding to join, in March 2012 Arawak Homes will make a meaningful award to Bride of the Year.

The Arawak Homes Bridal Registry will work like any other Bridal Registry. The only difference is that instead of family and friends supporting by putting money towards a microwave or china, the money will go towards items in the home like a whirlpool tub, hard surface countertops or the down payment itself

Inevitably this program will serve to benefit couples by encouraging good financial planning habits.

Arawak Homes is pleased to re-launch this special program and help to offer yet another avenue for people to own their own home.