Summit Academy Toddlers Learn about Construction

On Wednesday June 1, 2016 toddlers from Summit Academy came out in true form with their hard hats and reflective jackets on to demonstrate that they are ready to visit a real construction site. Arawak Homes President, Franon Wilson and Construction’s Vice President Andrew Pinder were ready to take on the serious and knowledgeable 3 year olds of Summit Academy.

The students were accompanied by their teachers Ms. Aranha and Ms. Burrows. It was a joy to see the students learn about the foundation of a home, the blocks and cement, roofing and finishings, all that go into constructing a home. The young classmates were in amazement when the backhoe and tractor were pushing soil and dump-trucks transporting it to the site. As Ms. Arahna reminded the youngsters that the glue that holds the houses together is called cement, Mr. Pinder also reinforced the learning that the blocks used, must be staggered in order to keep the houses from falling down.

“Excavator!!” someone shouted, then “Excavator!!!” they all shouted. Undoubtedly they were all taught the word EXCAVATOR.

Needless to say the school trip was enlightening not only for the students, but for the President and Vice President of Arawak Homes. We encourage more schools to exposed students of all ages to projects of this nature as we do believe, that learning can happen at any age. Developing communities in this regard need the skill-sets of plumbers, carpenters, masons, electricians, architects, engineers and many others. We invite our schools to make this site-visit part of a summer field trip of learning for students.

Summit Academy can toot their horns as this experience will never be forgotten in the minds of the young students.

You are never too young to learn something new!!!.