Deloitte hosts Cyber Security Sessions

Mr. Franon Wilson, President of Arawak Homes, was invited to tell his story at a Global Cyber Executive Breifing hosted by Deloitte on March 25th 2015 at the British Colonial Hilton.

Deloitte’s cyber risk practice is widely acknowledged as a the leading security consulting practice in the world, and is eminently qualified to help the private sector operate securely in the digital environment. Two sessions were held by which the Cyber Security Services assisted clients by addressing vulnerablility of and threats to ensure information and services are constantly protected.

There were local and regional cyber risk and forsensic technology experts who gave the sessions life. Mr. Wilson was one of the speakers.

He focused on the need to better understand threats and to assess which assets are at the greatest risk. His experience with cyber attack was compelling and it provided insight for many persons there. This information made many executives question their practices today as it relates to company information via the internet.

In closing, Mr. Wilson strongly encouraged his audience to seek the necessary assistance needed to protect their businesses and ensure that all measures are in place to safeguard against any attack. He advised them to stay on the cutting edge of technology and always seek to learn more.