Arbitration Course

Mr. Keith Bell and Mr. Tavares LaRoda, attorneys for Arawak Homes Limited participated in the “Introduction to Arbitration Course” on 27th June, 2011. The course was held at the Goodman’s Bay Corporate Centre, West Bay Street, New Providence by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The Course provided participants (upon successful completion of the requisite assessment) with a route of entry into the prestigious international body.

Arbitration is the hearing and determining of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them. This process is generally faster and more efficient as parties need not seek judicial intervention except to enforce the decision of the arbitrator.

Arawak’s participation in the event and seeking to assist its attorneys in obtaining this important certification is further evidence of our commitment to staff training and to remaining on the cutting edge of the industry.

This commitment separates us from our competitors and creates a stronger more dynamic Company and a better product to our customers.